On every loan file, the borrower’s IRS tax transcript is required. The tax transcript is a summary of what you filed with the IRS in your tax return.

Ordinarily, we order your transcripts without your assistance.  Recently, however, the IRS has become unreliable in responding to third-party requests for transcripts.

To avoid potential delays and problems, it is much better to get your transcripts from the IRS upfront. Only you can get your own transcripts directly from the IRS website.

Please go to the IRS WEBSITE and set up your online account or login (if you already have an online account). Setting up an account requires that they send a code to your cell phone.  Sometimes there is a problem if your cell phone is not in your name, etc.  In that case, please request that they mail the information required to establish your online account.

Once you have your account and you are logged in:
There are a few different types of transcripts. You want the first choice: “Tax Return Transcript”
The transcript is free, but the IRS requires that you establish an online account first. This requires that you answer a few questions and then they text you a code for security.

It’s pretty easy but let me know if you have any difficulty.
Here’s a YouTube video that talks about the process that might help if you need it: https://youtu.be/p6QjMWd48gE